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Everyone is welcome at Shift. Here is what some of our friends have been saying about us. 

"Informal, accessible, friendly, challenging!!! Relevant"

October 2018

"The talks are great - I love the opportunity to have a "thought for the week!"

October 2018

"Something different that is supportive and helpful to people's lives" 

February 2019

"Lovely session this morning - I brought my father in law with me and he also enjoyed it -

Lauren’s solo was very moving - tissues were almost needed" 

May 2018

"I love the breakfast and playing games" (age 10)

February 2019

"It's lots of fun for everybody" (age 11)

October 2018

"I think it is a great, unthreatening way to think about topics that matter"

October 2018

​"Just wanted to say Thank You for this morning’s Shift, refreshments and all! Lovely folk, inspiring talks, beautiful singing. Feel we could visit again (when we’re not working or away)."

September 2018

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