Welcome to Shift Online.

Here you will find all our latest Shift talks with the current theme. As well as past talks. So you can always find what you are looking for. At Shift it's important to us to be able to deliver the latest talks and reach out to you with relevant topics to help you with the day to day life. 

Current Theme: Ordinary people, extraordinary stories

Our current theme is Ordinary people, extraordinary stories. In this new theme we will be exploring heroes of the faith. We are looking at the actions of both local people and figures from history. Ordinary lives but their impact is felt across communities both local and sometimes worldwide

Easter Special: The greatest story ever told

Welcome to our special Easter Shift. This is the Greatest story ever told presented by Phil Kershaw​

Past Theme: Dare to dream

In the theme of Dare to Dream we ask you 'what do you dare to dream in 2021?' We will talk about daring to dream about a connected life to dreaming about a fulfilled life. We hope you enjoy the videos and feel free to get in contact if you would like to discuss anything on the subject of daring to dream.

Past Theme: Staying apart keeping together

In our Staying Apart Keeping Together theme we have 5 sessions that see us out of 2020. A year where the world came together by staying apart. We discuss relevant topics to help you through lockdown, such as keeping calm while staying informed and we see how to stay at home while celebrating the festive season.

Past Theme: Staycation in the Yorkshire Dales

Staycation in the Yorkshire Dales is a past theme where we we take you on a staycation across the Yorkshire Dales. We visit fields, footpaths and rivers all found in our local community. On this journey we discuss topics such as Staying Hopeful to Staying Nourished and much more. 

Past Theme: Extreme Makeover Heart Edition

In this series of Extreme Makeover Heart Edition we follow Wendy and Phil Kershaw as they renovate their new home. They are part of the Shift team and use their renovation to discuss analogies comparing life lessons and conversations with that of a home renovation. Follow along as they build a new home.